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About Us

ADOAIR, founded in 2005, provides a premium service to its clients all around the world who need to rent private jet aircraft for vacation or business trips.

Whichever purpose you hire for, we are dedicated ourselves to provide a best charter service to best meet your needs and provide a service beyond your expectation.

At ADOAIR, we do not just rent our aircraft; additionaly we also coordinate and control the products and services that will be offered to you at each stage of your travel with the relevant catering and ground handling organizations.

Smooth check in, first class food and beverages, excellent service and the highest safety standards will make ADOAIR your leading provider and number one choice.

Whenever and wherever you need, our dedicated team will be at your service 24/7 to help and to serve you in accordance with your demand and preferences at the highest level.

Our Goals

ADOAIR intends to provide high quality flight service with modern service understanding by providing the flexibility to respond to all customers' requests and needs in the framework of related aviation and safety rules.
ADOAIR has the goal to provide time for customers in the fast pace of today's world and make them reach wherever they want in a safe and comfortable way, whichever in holiday or business travels, with its own special jet which is capable of meeting technological, comfort and all safety requirements.


Our vision is to become a well-known and a trustworthy brand which adopts total quality management system and noticeable with service quality.


Our mission is to provide all potentials of technology to our customers and our employees by keeping up to date with the latest improvements and innovations in our business sector.



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